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What Egypt Can Learn From Chile

The week of  March 14th, former Ambassador to Chile Craig Kelly visited DCFR. He mentioned an insightful analysis, which follows. Sergio Bitar, of the Inter-American Dialogue, was invited by the National Democratic Institute to visit Egypt and share his experience … Continue reading

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Middle East Assessment

Member Chip Pitts, and Stanford human rights lecturer, offered assessments of which regimes in the Middle East might fall or where revolt might occur. His views from a National Post article and detailed graphic can be found here.

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Thoughts about Japan

Our board member Tom Schieffer, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, just left the country literally hours ago. He comments: “Japan is a very sad place. There is great anxiety— a sense that there may be more to come. The concern … Continue reading

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Facing Up to Cyber Security

Our program last week with Stewart Baker, former assistant secretary of policy, Department of Homeland Security, focused on the challenges, risks, and threats relative to cyber security. His recent book “Skating on Stilts” discusses how to stop tomorrow’s threats and … Continue reading

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