Afghanistan, Karzai, and Women’s Initiatives

Yesterday while attending the “Building Afghanistan’s Future” conference at the Bush Institute, I was impressed with President Hamid Karzai’s assessment of his country. He is a realist. At the conference, focused on promoting freedom and economic opportunity for women, Karzai said via satellite that ‘the gains made for women in Afghanistan will be maintained,’ in regards to the current political processes.

In an earthy response to moderator and former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, when asked of the progress and direction of Afghanistan and women’s advancement, Karzai paraphrased and made the analogy from the poem by Robert Frost:

“But [we] have promises to keep, and miles to go before [we] sleep, and miles to go before [we] sleep.”

Impressive panelists doing the heavy-lifting through business and social initiatives are integrating women into the business, civic, and political life of Afghanistan. Their work in Afghanistan revealed a truly challenging environment where courage and selflessness prevails every day to make progress.

Afghan President Karzai by live feed






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