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In Memorium Week: September 11

After an energetic evening of DCFR experts speaking about countries and regions of high interest — India, Africa, Middle East-North Africa, Japan, and Mexico — our attention turns to the week ahead planned at UNT. Our speaker and DCFR member … Continue reading

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A Path Forward for Libya

Upcoming DCFR speaker Jack Goldstone renders an opinion about how institutions must be managed to give Libyans a chance for freedom and stability. He writes: Post-Gadhafi Libya brims with promise, but also with pitfalls. Blessed with low-sulfur oil, proximity to … Continue reading

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Sustainable Growth in China

According to new research in The Chinese Economy by DCFR president Jennifer Warren and distinguished finance professor Andrew Chen, “the world’s economic system and ecosystem have everything to gain by teasing apart the issues related to infrastructure and climate change” … Continue reading

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More on Energy, OPEC, and Iraq

This piece was posted to SMU Cox’s faculty research site and newsroom. DCFR was involved in furthering knowledge about energy matters. Click here.  

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