Cornyn on America’s Foreign Policy

Yesterday, DCFR had the honor of hosting Senator John Cornyn. A frequently asked question from several members was about Iran and its nuclear capabilities. The Senator responded to one question about the U.S.-Europe relationship; he affirmed that our economic and foreign policy interconnectedness is and will remain an important fact for the U.S. The ties that bind us are unequivocal. Sen. Cornyn with DCFR

Also cited were statistics about U.S. competitiveness relative to China. On several leading competitiveness lists, the U.S. topped China. He noted projections that China’s labor costs for manufacturing in the future may be on par with the rural factory in America.

In Cornyn’s framing of his foreign policy speech, he alluded to four key myths that are driving many Americans’ (and others’) perceptions of the U.S’s leadership role in the world. His remarks were sobering and poignant. He correctly highlighted the distinction between what media will cover because of the story factor versus what is happening in reality. He reminded us to pay attention to the facts of America, a pretty good economic and foreign policy tale in itself.




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