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Iraq’s Path Forward

“This was not the Iraq the United States envisioned,” wrote Ned Parker, the Council on Foreign Relations press fellow, in his recent Foreign Affairs article. He cites that unemployment among young men hovers near 30%, allowing for easy recruitment to … Continue reading

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CFR’s Steven Cook on Egypt

DCFR was fortunate to host Council on Foreign Relations Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies Dr. Steven Cook, yesterday. He came to discuss his body of work on Egypt and his latest book, “The Struggle for Egypt: From Nasser to … Continue reading

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Parsing Global Demographic Trends

In a new brief, the issues which intersect demographic trends are highlighted — China’s aging, growth challenges, urbanization, security in Africa and more. Eminent demographer Jack Goldstone of George Mason University leaves few place on the globe untouched in a … Continue reading

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Series “D” Kicks Off September 27th

For the 2011-2012 programming year, DCFR proposes a four-part series on Development, Demography and Growth Issues in developed and developing countries. This first program will analyze demographic trends and its influence on geo-politics and development, with eminent scholar Jack Goldstone … Continue reading

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A Path Forward for Libya

Upcoming DCFR speaker Jack Goldstone renders an opinion about how institutions must be managed to give Libyans a chance for freedom and stability. He writes: Post-Gadhafi Libya brims with promise, but also with pitfalls. Blessed with low-sulfur oil, proximity to … Continue reading

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Saad Eddin Ibrahim on Democratic Developments

At the “Wave of Freedom” conference yesterday at the Bush Institute, Egypt’s most famous dissident and freedom fighter Saad Eddin Ibrahim offered sage advice about freedom, peace and democracy. Telecast live from a conference he was attending on democracy in … Continue reading

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Freedom’s March in the Middle East

At a Bush Institute conference today, we heard Dr. Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. Secretary of State, offer comments about democracy movements from her experience and insights gleaned post-White House. When discussing freedom and democracy from a philosophical viewpoint, she said … Continue reading

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