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Sustainable Growth in China

According to new research in The Chinese Economy by DCFR president Jennifer Warren and distinguished finance professor Andrew Chen, “the world’s economic system and ecosystem have everything to gain by teasing apart the issues related to infrastructure and climate change” … Continue reading

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More on Energy, OPEC, and Iraq

This piece was posted to SMU Cox’s faculty research site and newsroom. DCFR was involved in furthering knowledge about energy matters. Click here.  

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Fisher’s Comments about Recovery

In a recent July 13th speech, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas offers remarks about the nature of the economy and its prospects for growth. Acknowledging his location, he starts out, “Texas is an oasis in … Continue reading

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Energy Security, OPEC, and Shocks

Energy security is an elusive concept. It can refer to domestic policy obstructions, clean energy ambitions, and threats to oil supply from Middle East instability. Energy security can also mean diversification of the energy slate as discussed in our recent … Continue reading

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Ceding the American Dream (to China)

As the U.S. defines, re-shapes and contemplates its global role, China seems to keep steadily increasing its influence on the world stage. Executive committee board member Patrick Jenevein expresses concern about the American Dream, and how China is taking more … Continue reading

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Dallas Outperforms: FT

In yesterday’s Financial Times, Dallas was highlighted as a city that was hurt less by the financial crisis and is recovering more rapidly. Member James Oberwetter of the Dallas Regional Chamber suggested that private firms were hiring more. And DCFR … Continue reading

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Canada on the World Stage

This week DCFR hosted Dr. Brian Crowley of the MacDonald Laurier Institute, a think tank in Canada. His book “The Canadian Century,” illuminates the path to fiscal discipline, one that the U.S. might be advised to follow. He noted that … Continue reading

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