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Trouble in the Sahara

On February 26, DCFR had the honor of hosting Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs. Ambassador Huddleston spoke about the jihadist takeover of Northern Mali and why and how the U.S. should be … Continue reading

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Emerging Security Threats Brief

The following interview with Juan Zarate for DCFR’s Global Themes brief series offers a wealth of knowledge about security issues and counterterrorism. Through comments on diverse topics such as al-Qaeda’s metastasized activities—to how the U.S. needs to articulate a strategic … Continue reading

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Counterterrorism Czar Juan Zarate

In a forthcoming brief, counterterrorism and security expert Juan Zarate and DCFR’s keynote holiday dinner speaker, offers his five emergent security threats, based on an interview at the end of November. Not ranked in order of importance, they are: 1) The … Continue reading

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General Cartwright Q&A: Cyber, Middle East, and Nuclear

We were honored to receive General James Cartwright at DCFR this month. Recently, appointed a senior fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center, he will divide his time on cybersecurity issues and the rivalry between the United States and China. General Cartwright is known … Continue reading

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Middle East’s Kingdom Explored

DCFR hosted Karen Elliott House,  author of the new book, “On Saudi Arabia: Its People, Past, Religion, Fault Lines – and Future.” House noted in her presentation that the U.S. has a genuine strategic relationship with and interests in Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Amb. Khalilzad on Syria

Zalmay Khalilzad, former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the UN, offered his insights into U.S. policy regarding Syria in a recent Foreign Policy article. Among his suggestions are organizing the opposition by elevating the moderates and assuring protection of Russian interests in … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Relations to Advance Cooperation

We recently partnered with the American Council on Germany and the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank to hear Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, Distinguished Statesman of the Center for Strategic & International Studies, offers remarks.  Minister zu Guttenberg will lead a new … Continue reading

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Middle East Foreign Policy Analysis

As we watch events unfold (unravel) in the Middle East since 9/11/12, some informative commentary emerges. The Brookings Institute has posted an array of commentary and analysis here. The U.S. has a good deal of work ahead…to avert more ‘spontaneous’ acts … Continue reading

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Somber Day for Diplomats, Peace

On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, J. Christopher Stevens, the United States ambassador to Libya, and three of his staff members were killed in an attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi.  The armed mob that stormed the … Continue reading

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Diplomat Reflects on ‘Fraught Foreign Landscape’

As Ambassador Crocker retires following a 40-year legacy of service, a New York Times article offers some captivating thoughts on U.S. foreign policy challenges. The article notes: In the years ahead, Mr. Crocker sees, if anything, an increasingly fraught foreign … Continue reading

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